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Now get rid of the struggle and potential disruption from your website migration project, with the committed support of Botwebz

Website Migration Services

Now get rid of the struggle and potential disruption from your website migration project, with the committed support of Botwebz. If you’d prefer a simple, ordered transition with no unnecessary complications, we’re in service to take your call.

Manual website migration is a possibility, but is not always recommended. From a business perspective, website migration might result in harmful disruption and downtime. The longer your business remains out of action, the greater the damage occurs. That’s why we at Botwebz strongly recommend going for professional support when considering a website migration of any kind.

Website migration is beneficial in a number of ways, particularly boosting the performance, visibility and reliability of your site. 

Botwebz offers a wide range of website migration solutions to meet all requirements and budgets. Whether ready to take your blog to the next level or considering a crucial business expansion project, we’ll make sure of a smooth and flawless transition from start to finish. What’s more, we’ll execute the most robust security protocols to ensure that your data/information remains safe and secure - every step of the way.

Bespoke Website Migration Solutions

By creating peculiar website migration solutions from scratch, we’re able to tailor our services to meet all necessities and budgets. Our complete website migration services include:

  • Full file migration
  • Domain migration
  • Launching your website on the new server
  • Synchronizing associated email accounts
  • Installation of your selected control panel
  • Transfer of SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) certificates
  • Performance tests completion
  • Optimization of Database

Whatever be your requirements, we’ll go the extra mile to enable the seamless, secured and simple website migration that your business truly deserves.

Our Comprehensive Website Migration Team

Our topmost importance for each website migration project is the minimization of downtime, coupled with the implementation of strong data security protocols. We know how to plan, accomplish and optimize website migrations to and from a wide variety of popular platforms.

Your data is of the utmost priority – Careful choosing a website migration company!

That’s why when it comes to migrating your website to a new host, we welcome you as part of our team. You can have belief in us to get the job done in the right manner. Our team will be in continuous contact with you during the migration, delivering you with personalized service. We're determined to make sure our clients grow, improve and profit!

We are enthusiastic about what we do. We are constantly trying to improve ourselves. We aim to surprise and please our clients. We want to achieve prominent success for them. Thus, We understand their businesses and incessantly work for them. We don’t cut corners. We do not encourage outsourcing our work. We don’t pretend to be something else we’re not. So, you can trust and pick us for the best.

  • We listen to our Clients.
  • Build with the Latest Technologies
  • Multiple Services under one Roof
  • Client Success and satisfaction is our Goal

Three Steps to Seamless Website Migration

We take pride in knowing our clients and their businesses at the deepest possible level. This enables us to understand better about their objectives and priorities, along with any challenges that might be faced during the website migration process.

Our bespoke website migration solutions are delivered by way of a three-step process as follows:

Step 1Initial Website Migration Consultancy

During the early consultation, we’ll establish your goals and objectives for the project, along with the best possible route should you decide to go ahead. We’ll make sure that you get impartial advice to make the best possible decision for the benefit of your business.

Step 2Assessment and Planning

We emphasize on planning every feature of the website migration process from beginning to end, which enables us to pre-empt any possible issues or complications along the way. Only when we’re 100% positive in the project plan and have received your final approval, we will proceed with the migration.

Step 3Migration and Testing

The end step of the process is the physical migration of your website, followed by complete testing of both its performance and security at its new home. Rather than taking risks, we insist on verifying that every facet of the project has been completed successfully, before handing back to the client.

Our Website Migration Procedure

  • Evaluate Website → Identifying all of the kinds of content.
  • Set up an Environment → Setting up hosting and get ready to import.
  • Import Content → Bring over and arrange your content.
  • Migrate Design → Incorporate your existing design into a customised design.
  • Review Website → Go live. Carefully evaluate and then Go live.

Gone are the days worrying about migrating your website, your databases, your emails without disruption, because we can do it all for you.

We ensure a smooth transition of your website from one server to another when the right assistance is enlisted and every move is well-planned.

Botwebz will work with your organization to develop a strategic migration plan tailored to fully migrate and consolidate your applications, databases, configurations and websites to their new site. Our team will access your current environment.

We, at Botwebz, have streamlined the procedure and our experts can smoothly move your site to a different Web host with no halt or negative effect on your site.

The crew of Botwebz consists of specialised SEO experts on board who are well versed with the techniques of website migration and other features including how the internet actually works and understand the concept of search engines and even the consequences of making changes. There exist millions of websites on the World Wide Web. We ensure that you get an edge in those million websites so that your website just does fade away, unlike others.

Just Remember no job is too big or too small. Botwebz provides webmasters with absolute migration, along with the opportunity to categorize and prioritize data files, which results in a much better and productive website.


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